How to Market Your Business Using Google Local

Google Local is a feature of Google that allows you to sell your products and services locally, for free. Because Google is so popular, many people now use it instead of the Yellow Pages to find products and services they are looking for. The reasons are many, but one reason is that Google Local is convenient, and it also offers Google Maps. Customers no longer have to call and get directions; all they have to do is pull up the maps to find you.Another element of this is that you may put the map on your website. This is added convenience for your customer because your customer doesn’t have to go back to Google to find you. They can use the map on your site. Even if you run your business online and work from home, Google Local is still a good choice for promoting your business.For example, if you’re a copywriter, you may offer your services through Google Local for those who are looking for copywriters in their area. Instead of meeting in your home, or wherever you meet, you will meet the client at a place of his/her choice.This gives you a lot of flexibility with your business, as well as opening the door to new customers you may not have considered. Even if you don’t have a website, or an online presence, Google Local is allows you to advertise online for free.Getting started with Google Local is really very easy. The first thing you need to do is to sign up for a Google account. (It’s free.) If you already have one, then go to the Google search engine and type in Google Local. Click on the link and then sign into your account.Add your listing. You want to make your listing as complete as possible. This means including any links to any websites you may own, as well as a complete description of your business. The more complete your profile, the more it will help you drive business to your site.Once you have completed your profile, then Google will give you a choice on how you verify your listing. You may either verify your listing over the phone or through the mail. This part usually takes about two weeks, but once it’s done, your listing goes live.Whether you run your business online or offline, Google Local is an easy way to drive traffic to your business. You don’t need a website, and it will give your offline business a presence online.

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